Success Stories

Simon Smith

“My experience with Bethany has been life changing! Before starting my journey with Bethany I was struggling with bloating, constipation and wind.

After a few months of working together, the bloating and wind has gone and I am now able to go to the toilet normally.

I am also sleeping properly and my energy levels are off the chart compared to before.

As a result, my social anxiety surrounding those issues has disappeared. All these things combined have led to my fitness levels increasing and my general health and well-being are much better. I cannot thank you enough Bethany.”

Megan Haines

“Working with Beth has been life changing! I came to see her as I was struggling with Eczema, PMS and Fungal toenail. Since working together I have seen some incredible results: I’ve just had my first Winter free from Eczema in forever (I’m 29 years old!).

I understand more about the food I am eating, I have a more varied and interesting diet. I have learnt how stress affects my overall health. I have learnt how my cycle/periods can feel. I have experienced how my PMS symptoms are totally treatable and they are a simply a reflection of my overall health. PMS symptoms are not what has to happen each month they are just signs that the body needs some support.

I now have more confidence in my overall health and I enjoy cooking and eating food a lot more. Treating health with an understanding of what is going on in the gut gets results. Beth’s knowledge of food and nutrition has transformed my diet and health.”

Anthony Hayden

Before I started my journey with Beth I was suffering from severe bloating, bowel urgency and because of this I felt as though I had very limited food choices and was restricted in what I could/could not eat.

Since working together I feel like I’ve gotten my life back! I now love eating out and feel more in control and relaxed about food – I can now eat out without any concerns and with less food anxiety. I eat more slowly now and get to enjoy my food even more.

After a few months of working together, I now have zero bowel urgency or nausea and don’t worry or think about this. My bowel and I have a symbiotic and cooperative relationship. Bloating is minimal. Sugar is such difficult thing to banish from your life and this on occasion means I do have a little bloat, but now its very infrequent and often directly linked to a bad or rushed food choice.

My poo is now almost always right in the middle of the scale (the perfect Bristol Stool Chart type poo).

Through my work with Beth and my own research I can look at food from a different perspective and this has had a knock on effect with my overall physical fitness.

Beth’s positive and supportive approach is a real benefit and she can understand my symptoms because of her own experienced with many of them herself.

As with any new approach or lifestyle change you fall off the wagon from time to time, Beth always steers you through that, finding the positives. What I’ve learned from Beth helps me talk to friends about the issue with confidence and I don’t feel like a freak anymore.”

Joel Rosen

“I am already feeling the benefits! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Beth again – her approach is friendly, professional and most importantly effective.”

James Marshal

“After working with Bethany for an ongoing digestive system dysbiosis I was extremely impressed with her manner and line of investigation.

I was given sensible dietary recommendations with reasoning for all the advice.

I found her to be incredibly empathetic and I will be booking in for follow up consultations.” 

Hannah Latham

“Bethany is positive, knowledgeable, and really helped me to improve my health.”

Lucy Razz

“Before finding Bethany I was struggling with bloating, insomnia and PMS. Since working together, my sleep has improved drastically. I’m able to fall asleep with ease and feel refreshed in the morning.

My mood has also improved and I’m no longer experiencing PMS related anxiety each month. Bloating has been nearly non-existent (only occurring after eating a big meal). It’s so great to be able to wear some of the clothes that I love again with confidence.

It’s also amazing not to have that constant discomfort that comes from bloating. My life has changed for the better: I now feel more confident, more energised and just healthier in general. I have a newfound love for so many new foods and recipes that make me feel nourished! My mental health has increased drastically too!

I’ve loved every minute of working with Beth and always look forward to our sessions together. Every time I come away feeling inspired, supported and understood in every way. Beth really listens to everything you need and goes above and beyond to provide and incredibly high level of professional and knowledgeable support! She explains things so well, gives well thought out and achievable protocols to follow and is just the warmest and most uplifting person to work with!”

Tim Parkinson-Allsopp

“The top 3 health issues I was struggling with before finding Bethany Horne were abdominal pain, excessive gas (predominantly burping) and Diarrhoea.

Before committing to my programme I was concerned whether I would benefit from the programme and make progress or not. I had previously explored many options and had little benefit.

I’m so glad I did because since working with Beth the diarrhoea has completely gone. I am now having ‘normal’ bowel movements that are not painful. Gas has been greatly reduced, almost to nothing. Abdominal pain is also now far less frequent and severe.

As well as handling my symptoms, I have also been able to add various foods to my diet (which was incredibly plain and limited before I started the programme). As a result of all this, I feel much better both physically and mentally.

I have been able to gain my life back and attend social events that I had previously been avoiding. I feel like the real ‘me’ again. I now have a solid plan that has minimised my symptoms and will continue to help me improve. I now have a much better understanding of my body/gut and know how to keep it happy.

I now have the confidence to attend social events, which I had previously been avoiding. I also have the confidence to add new foods to my diet and understand the impact that they will have.

Beth was able to put in place a plan tailored to my specific needs and to address the symptoms I had been experiencing. She was then able to offer me support throughout the implementation of this plan.

As a result, I feel that I have improved immensely and have the resources to continue to improve. I enjoyed having a clear plan in place and someone to talk it through with. I enjoyed then being able to add / make slight changes to plan when I discussed my experience.”

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