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Hi, I’m Bethany Horne – Registered Nutritionist & IBS Specialist

Here is where you can read about my IBS journey – thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

My Story 

Debilitating gut issues ruled my life for over a decade. 
My symptoms first arose in 2009 as an early teen. I felt confused and embarrassed about the excessive gas, severe bloating and pain that occurred after almost every meal.

Unhappy Gut  

It was difficult to talk to anyone about how I was feeling. At this point, I had never even heard of IBS and I certainly didn’t know of anyone that was suffering with gut issues like me. So I kept the pain to myself.  

I was living with chronic symptoms daily and no matter what I ate, my symptoms only seemed to get worse. 

I resorted to restricting my food intake in an attempt to prevent the onset of symptoms. I began to lose my enjoyment of food and I eventually started to lose weight. Family and friends grew concerned as they watched my health deteriorate.  

Opening Up 

When I finally opened up to my parents about what was going on they encouraged me to speak with my doctor.

To my dismay, the only answer given for my chronic discomfort was that I was a “teenage girl with an eating disorder”.

I felt like my symptoms had been totally dismissed. 

Thankfully my father was not about to accept that as an answer. He fought for me to get a second opinion from other doctors and specialists and I was eventually told that I had IBS. 

Unfortunately the prescribed medications provided me with no relief and never addressed the root cause of my symptoms. 

Professional Bio

I studied Naturopathic Nutrition at the distinguished College of Naturopathic Medicine for three years and have qualified with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. I am registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and abide by their strict codes of ethics and conduct. My practice is insured and I am regulated by the General Naturopathic Council – the regulatory body that assures standards of practice (competency, training, quality, professionalism and conduct) for Naturopathy in the UK. 

As a registered Nutritional Therapist I continue to further develop my training, understanding and learning by attending educational CPD webinars, training events and courses which will continue throughout my career. 

By the time I was at University, gut discomfort had become my norm. 

My diet was poor and I was stressing about exams – all of which were exacerbating my symptoms further. 

I would hide my bloated tummy under baggy tops and would often cancel plans due to symptom flares or avoid social situations that involved food because of anxiety around how my gut would react.

I was exhausted from living with IBS on a daily basis and felt resentful for how much this was affecting every aspect of my life. 

This was not how I wanted to live my future so I made the decision to find answers.  

Searching for Answers 

After University, I started researching IBS and learning about how food could be utilised as a powerful tool to benefit my health. 

I implemented small dietary and lifestyle changes and was so amazed at what I was learning that I decided to train in Naturopathic Nutrition to deepen my knowledge in order to start helping others who were like me. 

Unravelling the Root Cause of My IBS 

Throughout my studies I was privileged to work with a kinesiologist and a Nutritionist who recommended in-depth tests to identify my personal IBS triggers and root causes. I was finally piecing the puzzle together and gained the tools needed to make long term positive change that enabled me to rebuild my health.

Happy Gut

My journey has been long with many ups and downs. Revisiting the past as I write this makes me realise that despite all the challenges and setbacks, I wouldn’t change a thing because it has made me who I am today. 

I have built up valuable experience and knowledge over the last 15 years and my journey has helped me find my passion in life –  to help other people suffering with IBS feel better much quicker than I did.

If you’re suffering from unresolved gut issues that are controlling your life, know that I hear you. 

You deserve to live your life to the fullest, without being dictated to by your symptoms – and I’m determined to help you get there. 

Let’s get started! Read about my approach and bespoke packages.

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